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Weather-related disasters are increasing

[posted on The Economist, August 29, 2017] But the number of deaths caused by them is falling. Houston is being battered by its worst...

Pesticides could wipe out bumblebee populations, study shows

[posted on The Guardian, August 14, 2017] Neonicotinoid drastically cuts egg-laying by queens, affecting their ability to start new...

Tanzania presses on with hydroelectric dam on vast game reserve

[posted by Bibi van der Zee on The Guardian June 26, 2017] Stiegler Gorge dam on the Selous park, a world heritage site listed as ‘in...

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Project | Giovane Terra

GIOVANE TERRA PROJECT The profound economic crises we are living is increasing environmental and social issues and marginalisation. The...

Project | Energy Democracy

ENERGY DEMOCRACY PROJECT  Organised by the cooperative “Energetica S.c.ar.l.” and CDCA (with the patronage of the roman municipality...

Project | Natura

TRAINING PROJECT “NATURA” The FORM-I-C-A team, part of the association A Sud and the CDCA, launched Project Nature in the...

Climate change adaptation plan for Abruzzo

As recalled on several occasions by the European Union, it is crucial to prepare climate change adaptation plans at national, regional and...

ToxicBio: a guerrilla narrative project

TOXICBIO is a KTH EHL project funded the by Seed Box, a Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory. A new genre in the US...

Information Desk

CDCA hosts an informative desk on environmental and social justice open to the public. Thanks to the support of a group of environmental issues' experts and volunteers it provides information on environmental emergencies.

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