Project | Natura



The FORM-I-C-A team, part of the association A Sud and the CDCA, launched Project Nature in the school year 2008-09. Covering issues related to environmental sustainability and careful use of natural resources, these student sessions were held at the Rome’s Provincial Centres for Professional Education.

The main objective of the project was to nform students and raise their awareness on a variety of issues pertaining to environmental sustainability, responsible use of natural resources and the environmental conflicts resulting from political exploitation of land and resources.

This training project aimed at fostering a critical consciousness about environmental and social impacts of lifestyle and consumption patterns based on exploitation of natural resources and pollution practices. We also proposed a critical look at general consumption – from recycling to saving water and energy, to food consumption and consumerism – and placing it in the context of accountability in everyday life.

Finally, the project encouraged students to focus on the relationship between development, consumption patterns and socio-environmental conflicts – highlighting the causes, actors and consequences of such broader conflicts.

To help students in focusing their attention, the FORM-I-C-A team developed and distributed a multimedia educational kit, including: a CD, class-room material and a feedback questionnaire.

The final feedback (based on student interviews and teacher questionnaires) showed satisfaction with the methodology and course content, requiring future sessions to ensure the continuity of such environmental education initiatives.

The project was made possible by the support of the Department of Labour and Education of the Province of Rome.