Project | Students by Nature


As part of their course on environmental issues for the 2009-2010 school year, CPFP students in Civitavecchia produced this book on a series of global and local environmental emergencies. Each class covered a specific case study, supported by teachers under the supervision of the FORM-IC-A team.

To encourage youth participation and their active role in environmental protection, the CPFP students in Civitavecchia participated in writeing a book, supervised by FORM-ICA, on the Earth’s current crisis and in particular on local environmental issues.

The direct involvement of young people produced a book full of energy and imagination, with original drawings, poems and photographs. The resulting outcome became an accessible and resourceful teaching tool for students across the province.



Edited by: CPFP (Provincial Centre for Professional Education) Civitavecchia / Association A Sud / CDCA – Documentation Centre on Environmental Conflicts / Committees No Coke

Also available in E-book: Free PDF download (in italian)



Project funded by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio of Civitavecchia and the Department of Labour and Education of the Province of Rome.