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The establishment and management of an environmentally informative bureau intended to carry out research, and communicate key issues of public health and the environment.

The SIGAS project- Information Bureau for Environmental and Social Justice, financed by the Ministry of Labour’s voluntary work funds, will establish and manage a bureau, through which research will be carried out, and communication will be facilitated regarding the interconnected issues of health and the local environment.

The information bureau will aim to provide a place in which citizens of Rome, particularly those living in areas suffering from environmental degradation, can gain access to information, especially that which concerns critical environmental issues in the local territory; a interactive place that can offer to individuals, and to committees, reliable and updated information as well as facilitate the development of a network of contacts and collaborations between committees, associations, local authorities, experts, technicians and other individuals concerned with the environment, thus creating a list of contacts for the public.

This service will be carried out by 10 young volunteers who will be trained before-hand and informed on environmental issues by the CDCA and the association A SUD; they will carry out research to ensure the bureau is functional, mapping the critical environmental issues present in the local area, developing a series of thematic case studies relating to the Province of Rome and identifying existing services and information.

The research process will be further enriched with the participation of the voluntary workers in the meetings and public events, organised by the CDCA and the A Sud association, as well as other social figures in the area involved in the socio-environmental debate. The volunteers will have, not only, the opportunity to enhance their personal and social skills, but they will also be able to update and fully develop their research with the knowledge and information they will gather with their active participation at meetings and events held by the civil society on the issues in question. Investigative research and interviews with local stakeholders (from committee and association members to industry experts) that constitute a ‘privileged’ network will allow the volunteers to procure the reliable information they seek on social and environment concerns.

A seminar on ‘Environmental Justice and Intergenerational solidarity’ is been organised with the following aims: to engage and inform the local citizens, to stimulate a better understanding of ongoing debates and on the choices that regard the territory within the Province of Rome, and lastly, to publicise the available information.

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