Cinergy | Citizen for Energy (2014)


Final Report – Cinergy Project

The CINERGY project favours the exchange of knowledge between actors involved in processes and activities of energy conversion and promoting a post carbon Europe through activities of mobility and collaboration. It looks into energy local management and new stakeholder participation practices and sees the “energy communities” as fundamental actors for the promotion and development of socially and environmentally sustainable energy systems.

The project partnership is composed of local authorities, civil society organisations and training centres active in the energy sector who share and develop collaborative methodologies and competences through informal learning. In particular the project aims to increase participants active citizenship at EU level.

Through transnational meetings, workshops and focus groups developed between 2012 and 2014, the project has developed tools and opportunities for tue transfer and the dissemination of the project objectives, such as for example the CINERGY report.

Download the Cinergy Report (in english)

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