Ejolt | Report: ENI, The Six Legs Dog (2015)

Microsoft Word - finalENImarch15_ENG.docxENI – THE SIX LEGS DOG (draft)

An oil corporation under the microscope: the italian Goliath ENI

by CDCA | in english | March 2015

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The report presents the biggest oil company of Italy, ENI and reflects on how this oil corporation nature and structure covers economical, political and social power. It first reviews the company and then describes and analyses four cases of environmental conflicts in Italy where ENI is involved Porto Marghera, Gela, Val d’Agri and Taranto. The cases focus on oil exploration, extraction and transformation, approaching in particular ENI’s corporate liability, the social and environmental conflicts generated and both institutional and civil society’s reactions. The cases have been described by local activists and scholars of CDCA with the aim of both reporting the reality of everyday life in conflictive or potentially antagonistic contexts and offering the reader an accurate and detailed report on the state of the fact has been achieved by adopting an action research approach., core aim of the CDCA approach to environmental conflicts.This foresaw the integration of private companies provided data, scientific and official data provided by institutions, university institutes and civil society generated data.