Climate change adaptation plan for Abruzzo

logo-pacc-grandeAs recalled on several occasions by the European Union, it is crucial to prepare climate change adaptation plans at national, regional and local level, to be integrated in public policies and local planning. Abruzzo is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change in Italy, because of its orographical, territorial and socioeconomic characteristics and its position. It has the widest climatic diversity of peninsular Italy: the coastal area has a temperate to warm Mediterranean climate, while the highest peaks of the Apennines have a cold to temperate climate.

For this reason, CDCA has developed the project PACC (Climate Change Adaptation Plan), in collaboration with the region Abruzzo and Climalia, with the objective of profiling Abruzzo’s climate and develop a specific adaptation plan. Active participation from stakeholders is encouraged, in order to identify resilience capacity and ensure the effective implementation of the adaptation strategies and the involvement of the whole society.

Project start:

Ottobre 2015



1° meeting: download the flyer here.

2° meeting: download the flyer here.