Atlas of wars and conflicts in the world – 7th edition, 2016

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The Atlas of wars and conflicts in the world is conceived by Raffaele Crocco, Rai journalist and writer, and realized by the cultural association 46° Parallelo in cooperation with Ilaria Alpi Prize. It is a yearly dossier on ongoing conflicts in the world, divided into conflict cards and thematic focuses.

In 2014, a special chapter on environmental conflicts was added, edited by the Documentation Centre on Environmental Conflicts (CDCA).

The 2016 edition for the first time includes 14 infographics:

  1. Arms trade atlas
  2. Piracy atlas
  3. Atlas of environmental conflicts on fossil resources
  4. Land-grabbing atlas
  5. Atlas of environmental conflicts on water
  6. Migrants paths
  7. Atlas of the destroyed wealth
  8. Health expenditure atlas
  9. Schooling atlas
  10. Children’s rights atlas
  11. Women and war atlas
  12. Freedom of the press atlas
  13. Walls of the world atlas
  14. Religions atlas