ToxicBio: a guerrilla narrative project

TOXICBIO is a KTH EHL project funded the by Seed Box, a Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory.

A new genre in the US environmental writing, toxic autobiography is a distinct product of marginalized groups denouncing the environmental injustice in which they feel trapped.

Toxic autobiographies are a prototype of counter-history, challenging mainstream narratives on progress, common good, and science. They represent a unique blend of narrative and history, of science and politics, of personal and collective. As a literary genre, toxic autobiographies are almost absent in Europe.

The project is rooted into the scholarly tradition of co-research and action-research. We reject the binary opposition of experts vs. general public while actively undisciplining the space of production and legitimization of knowledges.

TOXICBIO will organize two workshops – the Guerrilla Narrative Labs (GNLs) – in collaboration with grassroots organizations and local researchers in two strategic localities.

With the expression ‘Guerrilla Narrative’ we mean the occupation of the mainstream memory with counter hegemonic storytelling and the sabotage of toxic narratives, that is, of narratives which reproduce/silence injustice.

The aims of the GNLs are: to present worldwide cases of guerrilla narrative activism; to explore with participants the possibilities of guerrilla narrative projects in their communities; to present the TOXICBIO platform (see below).

TOXICBIO is composed of an online platform under construction.

The online platform will gather the Toxic Autobiographies generated by users through a geo-referenced interface. In order to practice the plurality of knowledge production and reproduction, the platform will allow the possibility to submit Toxic Autobiographies in various formats, including videos, texts, and images etc.

The website will also have a section with guidelines to realize guerrilla narrative projects and help contributors to assembly their own Toxic Autobiographies. Here are the guidelines for submitting your Toxic Autobiography.”


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