Pesticides: poison is served

COPERTINA-VELENO-1-424x600The dossier “Poison is served”, realized in 2017 by A Sud, Navdanya International and the Documentation Centre on Environmental Conflicts (CDCA), describes the history, evolution and risks of the use of pesticides in agriculture around the world. It focuses on scientific studies, legislation and cases, actions promoted by companies to weaken the law and grassroots movements promoted by citizens, farmers and social organizations. Its objective is to expose the ongoing pressure to commercialize the glyphosate, despite its known toxicity and related risks for health and environment, and the weak legislation that does not adequately protect consumers and citizens.

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Shock-analyses: 14 pregnant women positive to glyphosate

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Salvagente, in collaboration with A Sud, tested 14 pregnant women living in the center of Rome. All of them were positive to glyphosate, in quantities between 0.43 and 3.48 nanogram per urine millimeter. It is impossible to evaluate the results, for the lack of studies and legislation on the subject. Nevertheless, glyphosate should never be found inside a human body, let alone in pregnant women.

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