G7 Environment: a DECOLOGUE of 100 scientists and 200 organizations

19030691_1106569799443197_790091178009749174_nG7 Environment: 100 scientists and 200 organizations launch in Bologna the “DECOLOGUE for an ecological society”.

10 points and 78 practical proposal for a zero-carbon and zero-poison Italy

Today the Decologue for an ecological society was launched in Bologna. It was drafted and promoted by representatives of the scientific and academic community and by about 200 associations working at national level to promote environmental protection.

RE.S.e.T. (Rete Scienza e Territori per una società ecologica), the network that brings together scientific community and civil society, developed 78 concrete proposals that, if implemented, would make Italy a zero-carbon and zero-poison country. The thematic areas are energy, agriculture, production model, transports, waste management, infrastructure and concreting, water and public local services, public health, and participatory model.

Among the 100 scientists, there are Luca Mercalli, President of the Italian Meteorological Association, the Bologna research group “Energia per l’Italia”, chaired by the chemist Vincenzo Balzani, the geneticist and oncologist Antonio Giordano, director of the Sbarro Health Research Organization of Philadelphia, Giorgio Nebbia, who conducted research on the commodity cycle and natural resources, the doctors from ISDE – Doctors for the environment, and many other leading members of the scientific community.

Among the 200 associations, there are A Sud, Rete della Conoscenza (student association), Coordinamento Nazionale No Triv, Forum Italiano Movimenti per l’Acqua, Rete dei Comuni Virtuosi, Istituto Ramazzini, Legambiente, Arci, Fairwatch and more than 100 local comitates defending their territories against projects with a high environmental and social impact.

The Decologue is one of the actions promoted by the civil society on the occasion of the G7 Environment. It sets a convergence path between civil society and scientific community, with the scope of imposing in the public debate and the political agenda concrete and quality proposals to start a real and rapid ecological transition of the economy and society. The reach and significance of this action are meant to last way beyond the G7 Environment in Bologna.

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