Follow the green- the story of Eni when put to the test

Schermata 2020-05-11 alle 15.13.24Checking the homepage of Eni’s website there is no evidence about oil.
Despite being on of the most influential leaders in the energy sector, operating in 66 countries, counting 32,000 employees, producing 1,871 million barrels of oil daily and selling over 73 billion squared meters of gas every year, Eni generally devotes its main page to the ecological reconversion of the company.
Almost every national newspaper advertises the environmental sustainability and ecosystem care of the so called ‘six-paws dog’, showing that Eni is determined to change its way of doing business.
But what is really behind all this?
The dossier “Follow the green – la narrazione di Eni alla prova dei fatti” (Follow the green- the story of Eni when put to the test) aims to find an answer to the question, focusing on the greenwashing activities of Eni.
All the topics debated in the publication – fossil fuels (chapter 2), climate change (chapter 3), circular economy (chapter 4), territories where Eni operates (chapter 5), the case study of Gela (chapter 6) – are presented in a dual way.
On the one hand, Eni’s point of view is described through the analysis of interviews, commercials, podcast and videos typically shared by Eni. On the other hand, a well structured and in-depth analysis is conducted not only on scientific studies, investigations and researches by NGOs and national institutions, but also on Eni’s documents, to clearly depict what is really happening.

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