About us


The CDCA – Documentation Centre on Environmental Conflicts – was founded in October 2007 as part of the Italian Association “A Sud”. Its mission is to research and provide information about both the causes of the environmental conflicts produced by the exploitation of natural resources, and its consequences. These often include a disregard for local communities rights – particularly in the global south.

By offering first-hand information and geo-localised data, the CDCA also wants to spur public interest and discussion in Italy and the EU about policies carried out by International financial institutions, and issues of social justice – by giving voice to the local communities and social movements who often have little access to mainstream media.

The CDCA’s overarching goal is to bring the Northern and Southern regions of today’s world together through the process of reciprocal understanding and knowledge sharing.

Fields of investigation:

  • Energy
  • Waste management
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial plant
  • Public health
  • Legal tools / environmental rights
  • Climate Change
  • Social Corporate Responsability


In its Rome headquarters, the CDCA hosts a national public library including a variety of (mostly unreleased) documents produced by local research centres and independent organisations.


The CDCA website (www.cdca.it) provides free and easy access to various archives, documents and a databases of enviromental conflicts at global level and in Italy.


The CDCA also hosts public events (book presentations, photo exhibitions, lectures, etc.) with authors, researchers and activists from all over the world. It also provides education and training services for teachers, students, and professionals on different topics, particularly well suited for local administrators and trade unions representatives.


The CDCA is part of the European network CEECEC – Civil Society Engagement with Ecological Economics (www.ceecec.net) – which includes academics, researchers and lobbyists of the EJOLT network Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade (www.ejolt.org) and the European Political Ecology ENTITLE network (www.politicalecology.eu).